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Welcome to Sweet Megan's Gluten-free Sweets 'n' Treats shopping online!
Have a glance at all of our delectable goodies and if you decide to order, enjoy every bite of the best gluten- free treats you've ever tasted! Our minimum selling price is at least a half dozen for each item.
Chocolate Image

Absolutely the most moist gluten-free chocolate cake you'll ever taste

Vanilla Image

The most delicious vanilla cupcake to ever hit the market

Vegan Carrot Image

Vegan Carrot
Moist, rich and flavor-full!

Black and White Image

Black and White
Chocolate cake with vanilla and chocolate icing

Chocolate- 6" Image

Chocolate- 6"
Beautifully hand crafted for all of your special occassions.

Vanilla- 6" Image

Vanilla- 6"
Many sizes, shapes, and colors available, give us a call!

Chocolate Chip- 6" Image

Chocolate Chip- 6"
With chocolate or vanilla icing

Vegan Carrot- 6" Image

Vegan Carrot- 6"
Moist, rich, and flavor-full!

Chocolate Mousee Pretzel Image

Chocolate Mousee Pretzel
Vegan dairy free chocolate mousee with gluten-free pretzels

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Image

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Vegan Moist and delicious truffle with lots of chocolate chips

Coconut Almond Image

Coconut Almond
Vegan Sweet and rich, full of joy!

Brownie Image

Chewy decadent chocolate truffle

Mini Vanilla Cake Image

Mini Vanilla Cake
Mini truffle cakes!

Mini Chocolate Cake Image

Mini Chocolate Cake
Mini truffle cakes!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Image

Chocolate Chip Cookie
sold 2 in a pack.

Oatmeal Cinnamon Rasin Image

Oatmeal Cinnamon Rasin
sold 2 in a pack.

Snickerdoodle Image

sold 2 in a pack.